About Me

I am athletic and play sports. I play baseball and soccer. One of my favorite foods are chili. Hopefully I don`t get any D`s school this year. My name is Evan and I love to spend time with my family. I love to work in groups and with other people. I hardly ever get in fights with other people. Indigo is my favorite color. Some of my friends are Jack, Kellan, Luke, Micheal, Noah. Orange is another one of my favorite colors. I love to eat pizza. I hate taking quizzes or tests in school and when I`m done with them I like to read. I go to a public school. I am tall for my age, I am 5 feet tall. I walk up at 6:05. I don`t like getting shots or vaccines but I know I need them. I like to watch TV and mess around on a xylophone. I hate the color yellow and like zebras. 

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